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Klotzsch & Sudermann - Holzlaub
(Autoplate APL42


ImageAutoplate begins 2007 with another remarkable release for connoisseurs of electronic music. "Holzlaub" by Klotzsch & Sudermann proves once more that a computer can be a real instrument - well almost. The nature of digital processing still can't provide as much nuances as acoustic instruments do to translate a feeling into sound. But Klotzsch & Sudermann overcome this limitation cleverly by using acoustic guitars & field recordings as a starting point. To preserve the organic origin of the source they've used their Powerbooks in an instrumental manner. Dissecting these samples with a stack of circuit boards creates a listening experience greater than the sum of all the parts.


The result is a true digital jam session - or as they call it: Electroacoustic Metaimprovisation. While being low key on the outside the tracks provide so many carefully arranged layers on the inside demanding too much attention to just fade into the background. The deep atmosphere never looses its strong tension no matter if the song dives through noise, rhythm or chilling grounds. And the best of all: "Holzlaub" (which translates into "Wooden Leaves") is a free net label release available under the terms of the Creative Commons license. So if you're an open minded music addict and/or fan of Morr Music, Fridge or The Books there's no excuse left to give it a try!


Author: Christian Mund