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The Fall - Bristol, Ashton Court Festival, 14 July 2007


ImageAlways worth mentioning an encounter with The Fall - saw them at the weekend at the Ashton Court Festival in Bristol where they were headlining the main stage on Saturday night. Can't say I've ever seen them in this sort of open-air setting before but it worked very well with a hefty mosh pit opening up. MES seemed royally pissed, having difficulty realising where the mikes were early on (in fact he had difficulty walking properly). Once he clutched hold of them he arbitrarily switched them around and turned the amps up, the net result of which was crap sound for most of the set.


This was the UK line-up - guitar, bass, drums and Elena on keyboards. She appears to have become a well-dressed bag lady, carrying four bags on and off with her - was backstage not safe? Her keyboards lent a distinctive tone to what was otherwise a standard line-up. But the band played with energy and MES did his stuff.


MES led a walk-off after half a dozen songs possibly to sort out the sound but equally possibly to go for a slash. For a few minutes it looked like this was it but back they came for another threesome including the Groundhogs' Strange Town and ending with Blindness, one of the greatest Fall songs. Off they traipsed again (bags and all) but they came back unexpectedly for White Lightning.


On this performance they're well worth catching - it's so easy to take them for granted I find - and this performance showed that they can win over a non-partisan crowd, something I would not have been sure about before this gig.


Author: Keith Knight