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Fflint Central


ImageTim Jones and Barry Williams Fflint Central is a Manchester, UK, based cdr label that specializes in scary electronic soundscapes by artists with weird and wonderful names like Berkowitz, Lake & Dahmer. I asked Tim, who also records for Fflint Central under the name, Pendro, a few questions.


Q: You seem like a nice friendly bloke. Where does this scary music come from?
A: Well now, I think a lot of it comes from spending far too many hours in my long lost youth, listening to the likes of Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret Voltaire. I could never get enough of them. They did seem to explore the darker side of electronic music to say the least. I would also say that I loved listening to lots of incidental music in films too, everything from the cheesy Hammer stuff to David Lynch's 'Eraserhead', it looks like there was no escaping from it really, it's all seeped deep into the skin!


Q. I believe you were a big Bowie fan when you were growing up. Was the Low LP (and the Eno connection) a big influence on you?
A: Absolutely, all the instrumental tracks from that 'Berlin period' were so ahead of their time and it seemed to outgrow the technology they were using too. If you were to hear some of those tracks for the first time today and were told that it was recorded recently, especially with change to digital techniques, you would believe it. Incredible that it was done thirty years ago. They were obviously influenced by a lot of the German groups like Cluster etc., but they took it a stage further and expanded the sound.


ImageQ: There's some disturbing stuff on Fflint Central. What sort of people / waifs / strays do you think your label appeals to?
A: Suprisingly enough, there's quite a broad spectrum of different people, different age groups etc., although we have received an email from some bloke in Lapland who has bought virtually every release on Fflint Central, saying that he listens to it all on his iPod while going for long walks alone in the woods... rather him than us!


You can buy Pendro's last cdr, Nocturne Convalute, and much more from, whilst a Fflint Central compilation, entitled Malpractice, was issued a couple of years ago on the US label, Birdman. Worth checking out if you want to hear some really uncompromising sounds.


Author: Keith Astbury