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Cult With No Name - What is the history of the band?


ImageJon Boux (piano) and I have been friends for many years. But it took circumstances and a certain amount of humble pie on my part to admit that we probably needed each other. We had a couple of false starts as a band for one reason or another, but finally started performing in late 2004. It's amazing how simple circumstances, like having car to carry equipment, can play such a big part in forming a band. And there's only two of us. I can't imagine what it must be like for a five piece.


Your sound is defiantly minimal for the majority of the time, using only piano and voice. Is this a conscious musical direction/ manifesto for the band?
- Yes and no. You have to establish your strengths and play to them. I listen to lots of punk and noise, but we'd make a very, very unconvincing punk band. I'm also limited by my own technophobia. Some of the piano and voice songs on our album actually started out with full arrangements, but we take things out more than add them in. It's the completion backward principle.
I suppose one rule we try and stick to is to keep the songs short. There seems to be this creeping trend in popular music to flesh out a 3 minute song unnecessarily and make it 5 minutes long. "Revolver" is 35 minutes long and has 14 tracks, and yet people refer to it as a yardstick all the time. Besides, why repeat something four times when you can repeat it three? You're simply wasting people's time. I also think it's more challenging to keep songs short, both for the writer and the listener.


ImageWho and what influences the music?
- It's the usual standard band response, where each of us has fairly different influences that overlap in some places. I myself collect obscure post-punk and synthpunk music. I'm a complete anorak. The big teenage influences for me were The Stranglers and The Residents, with a million others that followed. Jon has an ambient and 20th century classical background. The classical influence from him is very much a key one I think, as I don't have that at all.


Is there a concept running through the "Paper Wraps Rock" album?
- Not really. We were in a position of putting almost everything we've ever done on the album, we actually couldn't afford to be too choosy. The sequencing of the songs is more conceptual. For example, 'Start it Again' is very deliberately in the centre because of its crescendo. The cover art is more thematic than the music, although I'm a great believer in the 'concept song'.


What next?
- We'd love to tour, but without a manager these things are hard to set up. We have at least another album's worth of material written and some of this is already recorded. A second album would definitely be our priority.


Author: Tim Riley