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Isabelle Corbisier - Music for Vagabonds - The Tuxedomoon Chronicles Book (OpenMute)


Image# 1. This book is unbelievable! Even for people who do not know the band or the artists. If you like reading exciting detailed artists chronicles, go ahead and buy this! Tuxedomoon - From their early days in San Francisco's post hippie era to the Brussels euro style post punk, moving further to real new World Music. Sound, Light, Film, Poetry. Read this unique book about a unique band by a unique author. Excellent!!!


OLIVER SCHUPP (Germany), April 2008


# 2. As a fan for over a quarter of a century of the Tuxedomoon diaspora/odyssey I was awaiting this book with keen interest. However, let's be realistic, most books written about artists and musicians simply gather known information or try to claim a unique perspective. In contrast this book is a major triumph - it gathers a huge number of sources together, it makes connections, it presents varying ideas/opinions and memories. I personally found that I could not put the book down - spending an exhausting 3 days with an initial reading - there is so much to digest (fortunately the speedy arrival of the order came just before the Chinese Grave Sweeping Holiday).


I'm now finding that this book is very much deserving of further reading + even the footnotes and margin notes are like a portal to a huge array of further information and sources!


These days it has become a cliché for music and books to be given the status of "essential". We live in a world where there are countless choices - I recommend that one choice you should make is to discover this book - it's a complex web of stories that will enrich your life!


RHODRI KASPERBAUER (Hong Kong), april 2008


# 3. Isabelle Corbisier's book for TUXEDOMOON is impressive by the amount of information disclosed... The group deserved it, not only because of the quality of its products but also by his emblematic side in the musical universe of 80's years. The meeting of practitioners in various spheres of the establishment to produce a work leaning toward Total Art.


I like very much it's abounding aspect, all these notes in the margins were absolutely necessary for a group such Tuxedomoon which elegantly practice the art of dispersion (or the breakup of the art, to better spread).


A must read.


JEAN PIERRE TURMEL (France), April 2008


# 4. I've been following the inimitable genre-hopping, globe-trotting exploits of Tuxedomoon for the best part of thirty years, and in all that time there's been nothing written/published that attempts to both provide insightful aesthetic perspective and get to grips with the full panoply of the band's rich and resolutely ungainly unfolding history.


So I had hugely high hopes for this, the first lengthy book devoted to Tuxedomoon. A labour of love, seven years in the making by someone who's a close confidante of the band.


Isabelle certainly doesn't disappoint. Now - at long last - there's a book which does the band and their many and various achievements (and foibles) some justice.


Aware that there probably won't be that many books written about the band (!!), she's amassed an extraordinary amount of historical background, interview and opinion, presented chronologically and covering group and solo activities from (and before) the band's inception to the present day.


The evocations of the various milieu in which Tuxedomoon found themselves are fascinating, and the book's willingness to wander laterally from its subject matter (into, f.e., a brief intro to Situationist thought) serves to add greater depth and context to the whole enterprise.


I found it all completely captivating, devouring it in three long days during which nothing else got done. I'd go so far as to call the book a real triumph, certainly deserved of attention well beyond its immediate 'niche' market. I really hope it gets it - I haven't enjoyed any other musical biography as much, and I've read quite a few over the years.


My unreserved recommendation - this is an absolute `must-read', capable of both enthusing anyone with even a passing interest in the band and satisfying the questions of long-term fans like myself.


NIGEL SMITH (Scotland), April 2008